Pythagorean dialectic: the Akousmatikoi

Ever heard of the Akousmatikoi?

You should.



Pythagoreanism developed at some point into two separate schools of thought:The “akousmatikoi” (or “listeners”), who focused on the more religious and ritualistic aspects of Pythagoras‘ teachings and the “mathematikoi” (or “learners”), who extended and developed the more mathematical and scientific work he began. The akousmatikoi claimed that the mathematikoi were not genuinely Pythagorean, but followers of the “renegade” Pythagorean Hippasus (c. 500 B.C.) The mathematikoi, on the other hand, allowed that the akousmatikoi were indeed Pythagorean, but felt that they were more representative of Pythagoras‘ real views.”

There were 2 pythagorean schools. Which school are you?