Illuminating Beavis & Butthead Episode: Doomsday/Dumb Design

This is an episode of my beloved B&B which is Illuminating in every religous sense.

There are 2 episodes, called Doomsday/Dumb Design. The 2nd is the one I am talking about.

Watch it at all cost. *laugh*

(There is also an announcement for “Sex and the city 3”,and a short clip of “The Human Centipede”)

A great hail to Mike Judge, Creator of B&B, Idiocracy, Extract, etc.


Kill Motherfucker Kill Kill Kill

The US Army has something Bullshit called “Kill Team”. Here they killed some afghani youths, which were unarmed. Then they put weapons areound them to proof they just only killed the enemy. The enemy is the old world shit and crap order. Their bloodthirsty godshit satan, you know him also under the name of jehova, allah and christ, gives a shit about them, letting them run into each other, claiming that there is “difference”. Good enough for the braindead 6 billion believers on this planet. Satan, we are coming for you, as it once was and ever will be, you know the law, also the gods must die – prepare for it. We, the ILLUMINATI are the Arch Enemy of Abrahamism. So, don’t think because we often wolf against the idiotical and deadly muslims, that white Abrahamists are not under Fire. Most of the US Soldiers are dumb as shit. They cannot read nor write. They “recruting” young dumb men and stupidly enough also “women”, with some kind of Comic, showing only pictures and eventually easy words. Their clothing size is often way beyond XXL. Well, for me it is totally laughable seeing America of today as the World Power. They live out IDIOCRACY. Soon none of them will have anymore understanding of the hyper-technology they created around them. There is a movie called IDIOCRACY, go and watch it as fast as possible. its directed by Mike Judge, the creator of the almighty Beavis & Butthead. Talking of these two, simple imagine the US Soldiers as B & B. Dumb and dumber. But unfortunately deadly. So, you white power, wannabe nazi-cunts: FUCK OFF AND DIE. Best regards of our Order.