Gay Conspiracy?

So, what do you think now?
Do i hate gays, homosexuality in general?
Well, no.
I simply know it better.
Gayness is just a twist of the Anima/Animus.
Thats all for me.
But hey, i still say there is a “gay” conspiracy:
look at the muslims, the jews, the “oldschool” christians, the liars of hindus and buddhists.
Women are not worthy, nor of interest to them cocksuckers.
Besides torture and rape, the resulting “hobby” of a slave gay believer in satan.
Go Fuck Yourself.


Eve, Lilith And The Serpent

Well, after reading lots of material which Illuminates me, someday i came across the story of eve, lilith and our beloved serpent. A snake is not a serpent, its an animal. A serpent is not a dragon, its the female power in general -of course in duality, +/-, good/evil, etc.- The dragon myth is clearly identified as comet(s), the phaeton legend, velikovsky should be named here, Eve was aroused but fearful of adam’s erected dick, and busty lilith gave a shit about the loser, spoke the true name of fucking satan and dissapeared and returned to mankind as demoness, so to say. If you are interested in this “mythic” stories, i will recommend to all you searchers a scientific book, about the aforementioned objects, comets, dragons, destroyer of worlds: “Bond & Hempsell: A sumerian observation of the köfel’s impact event”, recommended. But back to my intend. After gaining respectable knowledge about women, some thought grew in my mind and became a conclusion:
All the horrors done to women, and what they did in revenge to men offers just one simple conclusion: ITS A GAY CONSPIRACY – to put in in words. GAY idiots, morons, women fearing and hating cocksuckers around the globe. Its totally laughable, if it were not such a horrible history of gay gruesomeness over the centuries. They obviously preffered to suck each others mini-dicks, and having fun with a hairy, stinking asshole, which also could be the anus of a mule, sheep etc.. You know that, don’t you? Can’t wait for the idiotical comments coming up. If you have an “eve” wife, you are the big daddy, big bully, the king of the hill. If you have a “lilith” wife, she will complete dominate you, and her sexual hunger is seldom pleased by only one man. Real man can do this, like me of course. To “dominate” a “lilith” woman, you have to be the real male. Logos and terror combined. Of course without hurting her, except she wants her ass to be beaten up – i like that. Women’s vaginas are capeable of becoming so wet and hot, that they “squirt”. A horrible vision for all no-men. For me a sea of pleasure. Because my “power” rises on and on again. Throw viagra into the toilet, buy some “magic mushrooms” online, and take only a little dose, or a full one if you like. Psychoactives in small amounts, are one of the best sexual stimulants, if you need things like this, or your girl is simply not hot enough. I have read unbelievable crap of monks, priest, mullahs etc. regarding the “evilness” of women. What a bunch of assholes. No real man would ever have a drink or smoke with shit like them. A kick in the nuts, loud laughter and fuck off & die is what these “no-mans” deserve. Fuck you cocksuckers. Dear woman of the world: do not be so tragically dissapointed by the men, or don’t be to “evil” to your male toy. We were all blinded since our first breath, and the way to freedom is long and painful, but worth everything. Fortunately for you hot “bitches” outthere, the Knights Templar of the 21.century and the most respectable order of the ancient Illuminati (male division) are providing the best men you can possibly get on this planet. Forget the moron by your side, and join the meritocratic community, the venus project, and of course the ILLUMINATI.