Save The Giant Gray Wolves Of Idaho, USA

Well, i like wildlife and i see killing animals only for the use of food without torturing them. HERE i stumbled upon BULLSHIT extreme. Americans want to kill wolves, because they are animals of LUCIFER. 80% of the wolves population shall be erased. These fucking morons are CHRISTIANS – the believers in old Satan, and of course, they do what they always did: killing the weak and defenseless. FUCK YOU. I hope someone hunts you down and kills you – just for fun of course. They talk about the unusual tactics of wolves hunting in PACKS. It seems completetly new to this braindead, white power nazi american protestant assholes. Here is the youtube channel of the braindead asshole:
Damn he made me puke. Watch his “IN THESE LAST DAYS Giant Wolves And The Fall Of Humanity” and you will vomit upon your floor.