The Animal Rights Gestapo SS

Look at this fat muslim swine. He just comitted “halal”, the gruesome killing of animals in the sense of braindead religious thought. I eat animals too, but i will end it one day for sure. Today it is simply not necesarry to eat meat. But back to the Post: there should be an SS, or some kind of Gestapo who’s seeking out, infiltrating, and finally killing animal torturers. But hey, let’s go further, and let the “new SS” seek out ALL torturers, regardless what life-form. You, the old world order, the abrahamic religions costs us hundreds of years of progress becoming GOD, reaching the Omega point. We do not have this time anymore.You MUST be annihilated under all circumstances !!! NO ONE of “old mankind” should be allowed to speak, act or anything, anymore. It is completely useless. You must perish. You must DIE. There is NO return for you, maybe in a stone or something, which reflects your evolution point. In the case of the “old”,”religious”,”traditional” thinking and acting, a stone or a mammal is clearly imagineable. FUCK OFF & DIE !!! HAIL LUCIFER !!! HAIL ABRAXAS !!!