Archon Gabriel, Trumpet of God, and greatest Motherfucker of all times

why is it that the mongers of religion, mohammed, jesus, abraham etc. were all very simple minded beings, if they were real beings at all. why does the message of “god” not appeal to a mathematician, a scientist, a logic, reasonable person? hmmm, lets think. all of the above named three beings had an account with another certain being: the archangel gabriel. who is this motherfucker? well, its seems an highly intelligent, evil creature, a chief messenger of the demiurge, we call him satan. of course gabriel knew that an intelligent person would not listen to him, or more, he may be identified by its true, evil nature. so what to do? simple: go with your message to the poor, the uneducated. they will grasp for any “help”. he was it who dictated the koran for example. but hey, wait a minute: could mohammed read and write, remember he was a shepherd, just like jesus “was” a simple son of a fisherman, could he read and write? and the koran, the bible, the torah are all works of massive amount. i do not believe anything of the religious stories. as abraham wanted to kill his own son, because of a “voice” in his head (we see here clearly the actions of the right brain) ordering him to do so. history tells that gabriel came to stop abraham from killing his own son. what? wait! gabriel sure is a pro of child molesting and murder, he is the “horn of satan”. it was LUCIFER who wanted to stop abraham, he tried it 3 times to stop the sick bastard. of course without success. from this day on, the abrahamistic bloodline and all religion was cursed to fail, being enslaved under the torture god: SATAN. thank you gabriel for all you achieved, we hope you die soon and forever. your name is legion, because of the countless horrors done by you to mankind. we are the ILLUMINATI. we are coming for you.