ISIS, the “holy” islamic funbags


Ah, yeah. ISIS. Morons who where brainwashed in their youth, programmed by the endless meaningless “babble” of their holy shit koran. Poisonous mantras to destroy ones mind.

But hey, there is more to know.

DRUG ADDICTS. ALL islamic “warriors” (they never were true warriors and their kind of course never will be. just soldiers of satan) are on bad drugs. Amphetamines, Morphines, or simply all shit they can get their hands on. Of course it is known to all, that drug use in war was and is common use. Everybody shits his pants, which is bad for a soldier and their psychopathic leaders, of course on drugs too, in war. Thank you C.I.A. Central Intelligence Agency = that’s a good laugh worth. For sure there is no “intelligence”, just nazi crap. Pervitin.

There is so much “fun” in war for those who where blinded by their religion(s).

One of the most fun things is for example women slave trade. Like in the middle ages. Sold by laughable men (but deadly to womenhood, like all cocksuckers of satan) for a “good price” to another stinking, blinded, uneducated, mule fucking, death deserving asshole of islamic origin. Or a perverse jew. Or to a psychopath christian. 150$ is the price for an “average” women. Or trade her for a gun.Well, it IS a good price for the unfortunate goddess, compared to those who sold and bought her. These “items” are totally worthless. You can have these men for free, would be my offer, it will be fun hunting them down in the northern woods, running, screaming for their god to save their meaningless lives, but satan just laughs about them, awaiting them. It is obviously that it cannot be seen, that satan lets all his religions clash on each other, to maximise his perverted needs, he can’t get no satisfaction. Fuck you rolling stones.

By the way: what real man would like to have 72 ( really meaning the 72 demons of the GOETIA) virgins? Are you insane? One chick is more than enough, if you remeber your last girlfriend. (Ah, ok, i forgot, you never had a girlfriend because you are shit and shit looking) VIRGINS? What the heck does a real man want with a virgin? An sexual unexpierienced woman (or better “child”) who does not know what a good blowjob is? Ah, wait a second. THATS why. The little religious man sees himself superior compared to his female “toy”. I can assure you that this is surley not the case, my little religious impotent, small dicked, religious wimp. I eat you for breakfast. Fuck off and die. You are nothing compared to real men.

Like the true Knights Templar of the 21st century.

So, this is an Illuminatus announcement:

To the “warriors of god” (whatever god is yours, its is always the same being: satan.)

Prepare yourself for self transformation. For enlightenment.

Take all of your religious scriptures, books and other crap of the old, take them out to a burning place under the shining stars, prepare yourself with all which is new to your mind, being and soul. Burn even your old clothings, dishes, anything which was ever in contact or used by you with the satanic, abrahamic religion(s).  Staff all upon your burning place. Give it some oil or petrol. Fire it up. Scream, dance, drink, eat, smoke, have sex, thank ABRAXAS for being polite, thank yourself for finally being free.


Ok, ok. I calm down a bit.

Not these men, nor their crimes against their own kind, human beings, are the true root of evil. The abrahamistc god satan is the major psychopath and the overlord criminal being who is responseable for all horros done to all mankind. Everyone who lives his life like an idiot in the classical greek sense, is bound to satan so to say, while not understanding and being trapped in the exoteric world. Matrix. All horrors ISIS commits today, are being done by all other religions of abraham and their demonic master yhvh already and continue in the one or another form until today. But its not in the media. IS is. Who sells them their weapons? And then being too stupid to use western wardeath tech. The old world order is the root of all evil, i just want you to remeber this.

Islamic Cocksucker “Abu Assad” wants to kill harmless people in Germany

Listen you muslim shitfucker, mule-lover:
Mohammed was not sent by god, he was a brainless, unintelligent sheperd. Sleeping in a cave, because he had obviously no home and suddenly he heard a voice in his dumb head. He thought it was god, we know it was satan, those who really know would say it was the right side of the brain errorful speaking.
Now these braindead motherfuckers want to kill again for theit shitty religion, now in Germany. We, the ILLUMINATI will stop at nothing destroying the war-mongers of religion. Be ready to meet the new KNIGHTS TEMPLAR of the 21st century. You fucking idiots have no intelligence, but only brutality.

AND what BAD MUSLIMS you all are: Your god does NOT ALLOW the use and evolution of science and technics, also not the evolution of your damned souls. YOU are not allowed to use handys and such, computers and new media. So you are all LIARS and betrayers of your almighty god SATAN – remember – HE COMES FOR YOU – NOT FOR US.


Go back where you came from and