Braindead Maroc Kills Female Clerk In A JobCenter With A Knife

On Wednesday the 26th of September, around 9 in the morning, an alien from marocco, which goes by the moronic name “achmed s.” (really, i mean look at this shitface), kills his female clerk at the JobCenter. He was catched by the police shortly after, running deranged through the street of german city neuss. Of course the fucking shithole was not german speaking, even being 52 and living since years on social money – of course without doing anything, not working over all the years. Every other country kicks aliens out after 3 months without getting a job, and/or learning the countries languages. The problem of germany is, that there is NO german state, but a financial ageny.

So, no one cares for the so called “governmental institutions”, even when they are murdered by moronic aliens from the dust. The murderer is another typical example for a drone of the old world order, of satan. He is surely a believer in fucking “allah” (how crappy his name sounds…), we, the ILLUMINATI call him by its true name: satanas. As soon the fucking asshole is in a german jail, his islamic “collegues”, will surely herald him as a “hero”. Thats what satan always does: making murderers to heros, lying about true history. Fortunately the ILLUMINATI are fully aware, and have complete knowledge of the real history of mankind. So everything we say and do is true – its up to you to join or leave the path of ABRAXAS. Back to the case: the braindead, shitty murderer from marocco left a husband and 2 small children without their mother and wife. But this asshole is alive, and will be, if not someone or SOMETHING kills him in jail. To those who understood: every night at 11. Create the “form” and bring it onto him. Show no mercy to him, neither did he.

We say it over and over and over again, so that you may never forget the TRUTH:

Jehova, christ, allah are the (un)holy trinity. They are ONE. 1 equals MATTER.
They are SATAN in all its forms.
Remeber that.
WE are the ONLY ones, who can (could) save you.

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient Order Of The Illuminati

Muslim Swine Part II

Here we see the whores of allah, pervert abrahamists at their daily work.
This is one of the fruits the islam sprouts. Besides others like childtorture and raping, marriage with children. Your temples burn, your mullahs killed, your god killed, dethroned and thrown into the great black hole, some call it the black sun, some don’t… You braindead abrahamists wanted it, you brought the terror into the lands of green. Die in the dust, shitfuckers. Your god will leave you alone, just like assgoblin jahwe left the jews to rot in the third reich. You have your warlords. Good for you, you will need them badly.