World War III

Yep, there you have it, right in your face.

A couple of weeks ago i posted something about WW3. Russian prime minister “Dmitri Medwedew” just mentioned WW3, which is alarming. He also says FUCK OFF to german Chancellor “Angela Merkel” for letting her germany flooded by “refugees”. This is difficult. For all who are involved. How do you find the “terrorist” in millions of refugees? Answer: impossible. Sure, there are single examples of a captured IS member(s), but it is all media, and it is surely faked to 99%. What about the ones who really want or must save their asses and kin? Why the refugees are to 90% young, mostly totally uneducated males? And now the WW3 phrase is now spoken out publically. What is that all about now?


There was never a real “world war”, and it never will be a whole earth world war. With “world” Europe and its surroundings are adressed (mostly, sorry Japan). With germany as its “heart”. Angela Merkel sold germany finally, Kohl and Schroeder did their cursed parts of the “conspiracy” earlier.

So, why should i “fight” for this fucking country anyway?

Why should anyone fight for his shit country?

We all have been betrayed and lied to, for centuries.

I feel so damn sorry for all our ancestors, and all hail to these brave men and women!

It must be crystal clear to every reader of this blog, that the old world order, as we the illuminati call these wanna be archons, is behind all actual “worldwide” (what about china and asia for example?) actions. Men ( at least 6000 of them) have become to intelligent, a deadly, dangerous thread to the forces of the owo.

And YES, we are your fucking, eternal enemy. Owo fuckers. Again mankind shall be drowned in its own blood, knowledge and communication erased. Make yourself clear, that you, as a “citizen” are nothing but a target, cannonfodder. Your are a civilist, worthless to the ancient evil forces. They want total submission and slavery, you know that, don’t you soldier(s) of all parts of this shithole planet, we idiots call earth. Douglas Adams came up with a much better name for this evil hole “Golgafrincham” *laugh* finally something good in this post.

What is to do?

Unite the neo creative forces with the warrior league, warriors, not soldiers. Without protection of some useful kind all will be lost. No freedom, no meritocracy, no illuminism, no new world order. THEY, the owo, wants to “fuck” us all in any possible way. So i ask you all to me unknown people outside the web, in their real life and as real beings: be part of the REVOLUTION. Revolution against all odds which crosses our path to immortality, to Abraxas. The horror was, and will be alive always somewhere. But remember, this is the “best of all possible worlds”, like our great grandmaster of the ancient order of the Illuminati, LEIBNIZ (“the last man, who knew everything”) once claimed. Sure it is hard to understand in the light of the day, but what he is talking about is CHANGE.



Leibniz the Heretic and Grandmaster of the Illuminati

Hello friends and foes. If someone really wants to understand the philosophy and intend of the Ancient Order Of The Illuminati, one should look for the secrets of mathematics, “ontological mathematics”. Here is a fantastic video of a man named “Gary Geck”.
Check it out immediately and watch the whole.