The New World Order Saturnalia Party And The (re-)Birth Of Lucifer

Well, my beloved and deadly enemies, soon its saturnalia time again. The “official” records regarding the festival(s) of saturnalia differ slightly in the timeframe. So i came up with my own “ritual” for saturnalia:

on 25th of december, the sol invicta is (re-)born, LUCIFER(A)

this should be celebrated in a gnostic illuminists way

then follow 6 days of, drinking, fucking, talking, eating, war against god(s) an their fellow religions and their horrible kin, telling the truth, screaming anger, studying, expierence and knowing the truth, new synheses, who will become polar again etc.
the night of december 31st should be used then, for bringing this “new” feeling and knowing of life into the new year, so that EVERY DAY is LUCIFER’s DAY.



A catastrophe may engulf Europe very shortly, and it will bring down America with it, and the whole global economy.The bankrupt banks of the West were bailed out by transferring their debts to nation-states. But the nation-states are now bankrupt and can’t service their debts. Greece, in particular, can no longer meet its financial obligations and will default on important payments. At that point, the Euro currency may collapse. If the Euro goes down, it’s possible and even probable that the world economy will go down with it.

Declaration of WAR

How dare any Abrahamist or capitalist stand in our way. How dare they defend their Satanic Lord. The barbarians must be destroyed. The damned must reap their just desserts. The Devil-God of Abrahamism must be eliminated. The Old World Order must fall. Destroy the pillars of faith. Topple the towers of ignorance. Burn down the synagogues of superstition. This is the Illuminati’s State of the Union address. This is the Illuminati’s blueprint for a New World Order. This is the Illuminati’s Declaration of War.