The “good” vegans and the flesh devouring broccoli (and Beyond Meat)

I am sick n tired of the modern food discussion. It is all so moronic. It is pure luxury to think about what your “dinner” will be. Ask one of the 1 billion humans, without access to normal freshwater. 1 BILLION ! What their “dinner” would look like?

Vegans are intolerant assholes. As long as you stop eating meat. And then they are still assholes. Because they “love” their enemy so much. Selfish cunts who do not understand how things really are. I had a girlfriend back in the day, we had good times, we were “cool” with each other. As long as she decided to become a vegetarian/vegan. I decided not to be vegan. It took a week or so, and we were singles again. Why? She had become insane. I was a terrifying monster, a killer, a taker of life, evil itself. Love is hate. What a cunt. I understood nothing of her tornado of hate while eating my “Mettbrötchen”…

To eat you have to kill on this planet. Maybe on all planets, because you always have to kill for food in the one or another way. Unless you are a suneater or something even more spectacular. Plants are living beings too, like cattle, fish, goats etc.. But it is no problem to cut off a broccoli, because it does not scream nor bleed. And it bleeds. The “blood” is just not red. Ever heard of the “mimosa” plant? Interesting. A plant completely in our space and time “matrix”. If you blow hard against the plant it nearly disappears, reacting direct to the touch of your hand. Trying to hide, escape from the predator.  A venus flytrap also reacts directly when the meat comes around. Eh, what? A moment please. How can THIS be? A carnivorous PLANT? Damn to hell with them. Bastards. Hey vegans, another enemy for you. Out of your own food source. Plants hate you. All vegan/vegetarian PRODUCTS are tasting like shit. Spoil it down the toilet and cook yourself some good pasta. With or without meat, to your taste.

By the way: i was vegetarian by myself for 7 years.

For my personal taste, there is nothing tastier than fresh grilled meat of all kinds. I am fully aware that something must die, so that i can eat it. Thank you animals for your sacrifice unto me. You keep me alive. Thank you for being godlike to me, because you are feeding me. Hail the 4 legged. Hail the hunted meat. Luckily i found a hunter in my region, who sells meat. He shoots it, i eat it. As fresh as it can be. The animal never suffered a minute in its life in the woods.

Mass Cattle Production.

THE argument, and they are damn right. In this case, i am a”vegan”. These KZs must be destroyed under all circumstances. For europe especially in spain and germany. These are true KZs for cattle. Born in hell, raised in hell, killed in hell. For your nice barbecue with your friends, children and family. Bon Appetit! I won’t even imagine how much more horrible for animals it must be in all the parts of this hellish planet, vampire earth.

We are in hell and we are ALL eaters of the dead.

Carnivore or vegan.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is.

An american company named BEYOND MEAT. Exclusively for the U.S. yet, which fucks me up. Truly. Their concept is revolutionary and they are widespread in the U.S. by now. Inform yourself, simply visit their web adresses. It is vegetarian…