The Travelling Salesman

Why is it that people call themselves “Jews”, “Christians”, Muslims”, Buddhists” and so on? Why is it that people are obviously not able to call themselves “Me”, or “I Am”. A HUMAN BEING, the “Avatar”, the “Agent” of the Soul, or Monad, living on planet earth and expierience the actual incarnation. Let your free will flow at least one time. Talking about free will we must include ontological mathematics.

If the universe has finally reached its omega point, all souls are one, the universal mind the Illuminati call ABRAXAS, and commits “divine suicide”, kills himself, the complete disappearance of any kind of matter into no-thing, zero, 0. Every information ist cleared, a complete reboot of the invisible mathematical, ever living system. Only the infinite amount of monads, souls, zeros, are left and “alive”, potentially. The question to ask is this then: all spacetime expierences of the agent of the soul, you, the human being, transferred to your immortal soul as information, knowledge. Will all what is “learned” be part of the next “better” universe, or is it all gone and the shit starts again from simply kowing nothing at all anymore?

Please answer that question.

I also want to introduce a remarkable movie i came across, called “The travelling salesman”, which is a label for a mathematical problem. In this movie everything is about mathemathics, and the free will. Of course the old world order is not forgotten here, no, our hero stands against them finally, and victorious. Watch it, you wont be disappointed.


Being an Illuminatus

The difference between “me” and the others is, that I never announced myself as an Illuminatus, on the contrary, I was announced BY the Illuminati. What is it to be an Illuminatus? At first you have the feeling you are complete alone and the whole world hates you, is your enemy. It is truly this way, kind of. No one seems to understand who deep the rabbithole goes, to say it with the words of our beloved movie “The Matrix”, everthing said seems so surface-like to me. There is a “soul-bound” over long ages, many lives, many deaths. To find the Illuminati again in your present incarnation should be your highest goal. Once I asked myself a “final” question: WHERE IS THE GOOD IN THE WORLD? Is there any at all? Soon after I found the Illuminati – after 25years of searching, reading, painful ways, destroyed “lives” etc., The Illuminati are the only ones who know and live the TRUTH. Without the Illuminati mankind would still live in caves or worse. Open your fucking eyes! Open your fucking ears! Open your fucking mind! The world is bullshit and lies to nearly 100%. The only spark of (silver) light are definitely the Illuminati. If one has read ALL of the stuff availaible no questions will be left. For now. Because we never stop, we never die. Only bodies die, the soul/mind/monad does not. To seek “immortality” is completely idiotic therefore. Stop fearing death! Free yourself! How can you be still so selfish (idiotic) in your intentions and ways, telling me you understand the words of the enlightened ones. NO you do not understand. You will be still nailed to the wheel of unaware incarnation. There is no other way to master mind and matter as becoming god. A PHOSTER (an archon on the evil side) is what we all have to become. This is the way, this is the goal. Wanna be an Illuminatus? Be ready to eat shit. Still wanna come around?