Vivre Libre Ou Mourir and the Necromancers


The old Jacobins.

Beheaders of kings, slayers of the old world order. They were the executioners of the french revolution. The final solution to the old world order back in the day. Hopefully we can reach our goal this time fully in the 21st century. Lucifer rise.

Good guys.

As you my fellow readers surely know, is that the armageddonconspiracy site is updated and now officially in the hands of the jacobin “club”. The jacobins are not the Illuminati, obviously. But they are deeply connected and interwoven. The jacobins are more “gounded”, meaning political actions of merit, the truly great vision of the venus (lucifer) project, the meritocratic world state. Illuminati illuminism is surely not for all – as we now know. Maybe, and just maybe, the “easier” way of the jacobin order will make an greater impact on society as the original AC site could (not) do.

To those it may concern:

The name “Jacobins” has at least 2 versions of supposed origin:

  1. In honor of Jaques de molay, last grandmaster of the real and true knights templar.
  2. A moronic bible story about a jacob and an esau. Burn the bible. Destroy everthing of abrahamic faith.

Kingkillers are one of their names.

The jacobins see themselves as patriots.


In the light of new directions and old connections, i also have something to say:

Long before i became an Illuminatus, i am/was that what is called a Necromancer. I studied and praticed the “black arts” of so called necromancy. And no, i did not rose a corpse in chains and i am not a necrophile.  Necromancy is a part of (ancient) witchcraft. There are TRACES, nothing more, of gnosis and illuminism in witchcraft of old. Simply remember the pentagram – the symbol of the Illuminati in the 21st century. The pentagram is also one of the oldest symbols in witchcraft, you know how far the 5 pointed star can be traced back. Symbols and rites transported the hidden knowledge, gnosis, through the ages. Witchcraft unfortunately also has much, much bullshit to offer. Most of the witches, alchemists, warlocks, were insane because of intense drug use and inhaling all kinds of poisonous gases. But some were not.