This Is Sparta!!!

this is sparta!!!
There are blogs around telling us about “Illuminati” movies. Well, do not look for a movie which transforms you into an Illuminatus, we won’t “film” such a thing. There are good movies around like “Network”, or the masterful “Youth without youth”, maybe “The holy mountain” also. I personally would recommend the best movie of all times: THE NINTH GATE. But i found a certain movie which was truly ILLUMINATING for me. It is called “300”. You maybe have heard of it. Greek hero King Leonidas legend. It is all about ancient SPARTA and its ultimate warriors. The spartans are the blueprint for the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR of the 21st century. The “armed” Illuminati. So you can easily imagine what kind of warriors the knights templar of the 21st century are. An unbreakable wall. Also on the psychic plane. The more than absolute clear message of the movie 300 was not overseen by the “jews” of hol(l)ywood. They instantly produced a comedy rip-off of the 300 movie to disgrace it, degenerate it, trying to destroy it with superstupid “abrahamistic fun”, superbad actors and acting, a shithole of 1,5 hrs – well, but the jews like shitholes, the call it SHEOL, their moronic idea of a hell made by their superstupid god YHVH. Kill the motherfucker. But back to the movie. They build the ancient greeks as the melted sparta & athens. Illuminati grandmaster PYTHAGORAS is surely proud of this time and space of the material universe. Simply watch the movie, and stop being an idiot.


A catastrophe may engulf Europe very shortly, and it will bring down America with it, and the whole global economy.The bankrupt banks of the West were bailed out by transferring their debts to nation-states. But the nation-states are now bankrupt and can’t service their debts. Greece, in particular, can no longer meet its financial obligations and will default on important payments. At that point, the Euro currency may collapse. If the Euro goes down, it’s possible and even probable that the world economy will go down with it.

Declaration of WAR

How dare any Abrahamist or capitalist stand in our way. How dare they defend their Satanic Lord. The barbarians must be destroyed. The damned must reap their just desserts. The Devil-God of Abrahamism must be eliminated. The Old World Order must fall. Destroy the pillars of faith. Topple the towers of ignorance. Burn down the synagogues of superstition. This is the Illuminati’s State of the Union address. This is the Illuminati’s blueprint for a New World Order. This is the Illuminati’s Declaration of War.