Go, Cunt !

Silvio Berlusconi doesn’t like the name of his own party anymore. He came up with revolutionary ideas regarding the new name of his party: “Go, Cunt” and/or “let’s have a war, cunt”. Bravissimo, Silvio! Grande! This is not funny at all.
This person is a leader of a nation. So every reasonable person can easily see in what kind of world we are live in. You still believe in politics and religion? Well, i am sure you won’t survive the next upcoming years. WAKE UP!!! How stupid people want to be? I say no to all and everything the old world has to offer. I don’t want to be led anyone of them. If they not had their armies, secret services, police and all other of their executioners, what would be left of them? Nothing. They are too stupid to bind their own shoes. Only privilege and criminal actions made them what they are. You are the fool, working and beliving in their system and build society (Matrix). Instead of erasing them forever from the planets surface. What a great luck for you and the rest of the world, that the ILLUMINATI take care.