When the osman brotherhood declares war (officially…) on germany/europe, they will open the gates for flooding europe with religious terror, murder, rape and bloodshed.


Every freethinking man and women and child are welcome in”my germany”. Every motherfucker and whore and child of satan (believers in jahwe, jesus, allah, shiva,buddha, etc.) are not welcome in “my europe” – by the way, personally i shit on terms like this. It is the world, the whole, nothing else, at least in the 21st century. The old forces are at their end. Religion fights its final struggle. With all power it has and this power is not to be underestimated.

The shit won’t stop. The people fleeing their horrible environment are not shit to me. Shit are the warriors of god, the dumb, the believers. Of course “we” cannot differ between the good and bad people are coming to europe. Europe? Let me tell you something you refugees: you think you can roll over europe and take everything you want? Fuck europe it is an old, fat corpse. Ok. This is your idea. But on the other hand what makes you think that these old world order powers allow you to do so? You are pinballs. We are all pinballs. Make this absolutely clear to yourself. Your leaders are also of the owo. Do you think merkel and erdogan have really a problem with each other? Think again. They are both deciples of the owo, of satan.

I do not want to bother anyone – but i want everyone to be enlightened.

War will come. The one or the other way.

It is time to set our sails and leave behind the old. It is time for the new.

All others will perish themselves.