A Bucket for Monsieur

Hi all readers.

Talking owo.

THIS is, by the way, the enemy.

THIS is what so much people fear, and think exactly this kind of person is Illuminati.

Thanks ABRAXAS and gnosis that they are so far from the truth.  Or better – let the truth be known to them.

But at first, take a look at the grandmasters of the “Black Arts”…

By the way: did you know that “James Tiberius Kirk” (william shatner) is a jew? Well, this was shocking news for an old “trekki” like me. I always thought that Cap. T Kirk was an idiot. I always saw him as a cowboy kind of style person, nonetheless i loved the series in my youth. This great vision of mankinds future was imprinted into my mind. But when the episode was over, there was “real” life – shit life. The world of old, death and dumbness.