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  1. These books are the best thing that have happened. Unless you go through something as rigorous as an order you’ll never get this knowledge. Thank fuck you guys wrote it down! I’m creating an educational programme called “Arts, Health, Society and Integral Harmonic Studies”. I’m going to be putting a fair few of these books in my course and make them mandatory reading (as part of the harmonic studies component alongside studies pythagorean music and another module in cymatics)…they’ll work quite nicely along studies in social movements, social suffering and structural violence. It’s time to bring this knowledge back…in a big way. Can you believe the society we live in? In order to get a course accredited you have to tick their boxes for beurocracy, business, ‘governance’ and student numbers…there are absolutely no guidelines on the content!…(which is why most educational content is crap!)…However, being an opportunist I’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity to start to restore this knowledge and re-establish it’s legitimacy. I fuckin love you guys! xxxxxooo

    • welcome julene.
      i answer you via hex666 because “illuminatenorden” is off so to say.
      So, you stumbled upon the real Illuminati. Surely not by chance. Therefore i will give you some information:
      i am adam w.eishaupt – writer of this blog and musician. you surely read my bands name on the “evil” covers of some books. i am not adam weishaupt who wrote the books you are mentioning. go to amazon and look for mike hockney, maybe you are aware of him already.

      i read your other post. funny, kinda. why should someone fear a skull? this is laughable. behind ones own skin is the skull. we are the skull. it it the building structure of our (unfortunate) human body, material existence.

      i just watched your YT vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8KwivWNzWw

      whishing you the best for your 2017 project, ms.


      • Hey,

        Thanks for your reply. 🙂
        Yes, I love Hockney’s books. Reading both Weishaupt and Hockney and browsed a little through Michael Faust as well. It’ll mainly be Hockney and Weishaupt that I’ll include in my courses. It was really weird, I’ve been putting together a philosophy-pedagogy framework connecting individual and collective forms of transformation. I was calling it “Knowlogistic Humanism” and then when was reading your books realised it’s extremely highly correlated to your concept of ‘rational – idealism’…as well as many other things. Shockingly similar in terms of all the principles, except all my literature, theory-praxis and framework all revolve around forms of healing and transformation.. and connecting individual and collective forms of transformation…the pedagogical character of social change and the different forms of knowledge and ways of knowing and reasoning involved in self-development.

        Music is great. Nice to meet another musician. 🙂 I work with both audible and inaudible sound…and love Pythagorean music…it’s soo more ‘harmonic’. Switching to Pythagorean music is like going from crap processed McDonalds shit food to pure organic home grown natural nutritious food….once you switch to Pythagorean music making it’s hard to go back to doing anything else. You should read Derrick Scott Van Heerden’s “Mathmagical Music Production”..it’s on Amazon.. that’s a good place to start for understanding how to compose and produce more mathematically based and harmonic music and get into all the Pythagorean scales and their harmonic BPMs. That’s one of my course text books…and it’s actually as part of that course that I’ll be including Mike Hockney’s books.

        I absolutely LOVE your books! I’m becoming completely addicted to reading them! Thanks again for your reply. Wishing you amazing things!
        Julene 🙂

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